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Swords & Soliders II – Reveal Trailer

Posted on Mar 21, 2014 02:52:00 AM

Sharpen your axe, grab a tankard o’ mead, and light up the barbecue! Witness the very first in-game footage of the upcoming Swords & Soldiers II – It will get a sequel on Wii U, developer Ronimo has announced.

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Titanfall – Life is Better With a Titan Trailer

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 01:35:00 AM

Take a look at this trailer to see how life is simply better with a Titan. That is unless you run into another Titan. It’s an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts as an exclusive for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Wasteland 2 – Extended Gameplay Trailer

Posted on Feb 26, 2014 01:58:00 AM

Check out this extended gameplay trailer for Wasteland 2 – It’s an upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing video game under development by inXile Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is the first official sequel to the 1988 video game Wasteland (though both Fountain of Dreams and the original Fallout were considered spiritual successors).

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Brick-Force: One Million Maps Trailer

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 02:22:51 PM

Bricks are made for building! Mankind has made beatiful constructions, but all fall short to the awesome Brick-Force community’s masterpieces! Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter where you can build the worlds and maps you’ve always dreamed of, brick by brick.

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Things I Learnt Playing COD Online

Posted on Feb 19, 2014 12:44:35 PM

Don’t listen to those naysayers who troll by saying you can’t learn anything from playing video games, because you can.

And if there was ever proof needed of that, then you just point those non-believers to this video, which explicitly states what playing COD can teach you.

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Loadout – Uncensored Launch Trailer

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 01:02:00 AM

Take a look at the uncensored launch trailer for Loadout, available on January 31st – It’s a stylized competitive multiplayer shooter, focusing on weapon crafting and class customization.

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Insurgency – Launch Trailer

Posted on Jan 14, 2014 01:59:00 AM

Insurgency began life as a popular mod for Half-Life 2 called Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat but last year New World Interactive launched the full game on Steam Early Access. After nine months of further tweaking and testing, the shooter has now been given a release date of 22 January.

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Double Dragon: Neon – Steam Trailer

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 01:15:00 AM

Check out this steam trailer for Double Dragon: Neon.Publisher Majesco announced that it will bring WayForward’s arcade-style brawler Double Dragon: Neon and Blue Isle Studios’ first-person horror game Slender: The Arrival to new platforms in the first quarter of this year under its Midnight City indie label.

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Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Posted on Dec 30, 2013 02:00:03 AM

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions. “More war, war men!” shout the RTS fans, who have become increasingly hungry for fresh humans to tactically expend through glorious battle.

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Titanfall – Atlas Titan Reveal Trailer

Posted on Dec 24, 2013 01:01:00 AM

Meet the Atlas Titan, the workhouse amongst the titan classes. The Atlas excels where all other models fall short. We’re nearly out of 2013, and that means we’re only around three months away from the launch of Titanfall for Xbox One.

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