Far Cry 4 – Nvidia Trailer

Posted on Nov 10, 2014 01:32:00 AM

Together with NVIDIA, Ubisoft has been working to incorporate GAMEWORKS technologies to add visual enhancements for the PC version of the game.

Far Cry 4 is an open-world game like Assassin’s Creed Unity, yet completely different, offering first-person shooting, crazy action, unrestricted exploration, and free roaming co-op shenanigans that see you base jump from the highest peak to the lowest valley without a single loading screen.

If you’ve played previous Far Cry games you know the franchise has a reputation for spectacular graphics, and Far Cry 4 is no different, rendering a fictional Himalayan area called Kyrat in incredible detail, with unprecedented scope, size and verticality.

And as with the previous games, Far Cry 4 looks and plays best on PC thanks to improved textures, effects, assets, additional control options, faster framerates, the ability to render the game at higher resolutions, and of course, extra PC-exclusive graphics technologies.

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