Aliens vs Presenter: Natural Selection 2 At Rezzed

Posted on Jul 30, 2012 04:25:11 PM

If you’ve never heard of Natural Selection, think Alien Versus Predator but with a class system & objectives and It’s been in development almost as long as Duke Dukem Forever…

Rezzed was twelve hundred million years ago, but there are still a few dev sessions left to share with those who couldn’t make it down to lovely Brighton on the day. Here’s Unknown Worlds chatting about and demonstrating their aeons-in-gestation FPS/RTS mash-up Natural Selection 2, including a whole lot of giant mouth-based action.

Here’s UW’s Hugh Jeremy taking to the stage (and at one point nearly falling off it):

It’s looking rather spiffy, I think. The idea that I might soon get to play a game I’ve spent a good half of my career writing about on and off is quite extraordinary, too.

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