Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – Gameplay Premiere Trailer

Posted on Jul 20, 2012 10:33:41 AM

The first gameplay trailer for Battlefield 3 DLC Armored Kill has been released by EA, although the download still doesn’t have a specific release date beyond sometime in September. Although the contents of Armored Kill have been known about for some time, EA has never released any screenshots or video footage until now.

The trailer below includes footage from the PC version of the game, including Bandar Desert – the largest map in Battlefield history. The Eastern European looking Alborz Mountain range is also featured, with two other so far unnamed maps also known to be part of the download.

The second of a series of four new downloads due this year, Armored Kill focuses on vehicle-based combat with a range of new vehicles including new tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery. Also included is a new Tank Superiority game mode, while all of the new maps will be playable with the six existing game modes.

Although there’s no date yet for the game PlayStation 3 Premium members will get it first, followed by Xbox 360 and PC Premium members, then regular PlayStation 3 gamers, then everyone else.

After Armored Kill, and following the already released Close Quarters, download Aftermath is due out in December and End Game is due in March 2013. Nothing is so far known about the content or themes of these final two downloads.

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