Grand Theft Auto V

Posted on Jul 13, 2012 10:06:00 AM

As excitement rises around the latest instalment to the iconic gaming franchise, developer Rockstar has released two new GTA V screenshots. With little new having been offered up on the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto title since its official unveiling late last year, the two in in-game screenshots providing a tantalising look at the release that is to see games transported to San Andreas, a replication of the real world Los Angeles and Hollywood area.

Despite offering a glimpse at the upcoming game, Rockstar has appeared to dash hopes of a pre-Christmas 2012 GTA V release date stating that it will not be in a position to showcase any new GTA V footage “for a while yet.”

Although previous GTA V rumours had suggested the game’s release date would be confirmed around the E3 period, Rockstar has remained tight lipped as to when the Vice City, San Andreas and GTA IV follow on will land.


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