Posted on Jan 27, 2012 01:48:01 AM

Haunt, his Kinect-exclusive ghost-’em-up developed with help from the UK’s Zoe Mode, is wonderfully silly and deliciously camp. It’s also sort of scary, but not in the blood-soaked manner we’ve come to expect.


This is horror as you experienced it as a kid. It’s a theme-park haunted house, full of cheesy “boo” moments that make you jump even as you’re rolling your eyes. It’s Vincent Price in a cape, not Jason Voorhees with a machete. It’s Halloween (the holiday) not Halloween (the movie). It’s about that enjoyable chill up the spine followed by a giggle at how daft it all is.

You’re playing as some hapless stooge, lured to a crumbling mansion. Inside, the spirit of the former owner, a corpulent fellow named Benjy, is trapped in the mansion’s many paintings. He needs your help to retrieve four “phantaflasks” for an arcane machine that will free him from his two-dimensional prison.

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